Cool ideas for your perfect wedding!

Weddings have been happening forever, since the beginning of time. They will also continue to be there till the end of time. Weddings are super special not only just for the bride and groom, but also for their families, their friends and all the guests that had been invited at the wedding. Everyone wants their wedding day to be the best day forever, and for their wedding to be the most popular and well remembered one as well. If you want a wedding like that, then it is not necessary that you will have to spend a lot of money. You can still manage the wedding under a certain budget.

Following are some really cool ideas that will helpful for your own wedding day!

A DIY flower booth:

You need to think about your wedding way ahead and plan for a number of things. One thing you need to keep in mind are your guests. You will need them to entertain themselves and you want them to not feel bored. One of the ways that can be made possible is by having a DIY flower booth, where people can come and design different bouquets and flower arrangements for themselves and the other guests.

Seating arrangements:

Skip the conventional seating arrangement that you have seen at every wedding in the world. Make the seating arrangements circular that go on either side of the groom and bride. If the guests are seated in a circle, then each guest will have a view of the main stage and they can see the bride and the groom taking their vows.

Custom cake design:

The most epic thing you can do is get a cake that has been custom made and designed in the way that would best represent the couple.  You can have a cake made in the shape of books or jewelry Etc. you have a three layered cake and as the wedding cake topper, you can have your initials on the cake or you can have a Bobblehead of the couple as a cake topper. It can add a cute and funny touch to the whole thing.

Thoughtful gifts for the guests:

If your guests are staying overnight, you can get them some really thoughtful gifts. For example, if they had been dancing all night long, then you can plan to give them all a complimentary head massage Etc. you can also gift them some organic soaps that are handmade, which they can use instead of the soaps that the hotels provide them.

Custom and thoughtful confetti:

Confetti is a must when you have a wedding. So instead of the usual confetti, your confetti can be heart shaped and you can use cutting of your favorite book, or the confetti can be of your pictures that you have printed on a paper. This can be a really great and cool idea for your wedding. Anyone who picks up the confetti will be able to look at different pictures of the wedding couple through their years together.