PhotoPhactory: Create a Cinematic Experience with Wedding Cinematographers in Mumbai

PhotophactoryPhotoPhactory believes in attention to detail, which is promptly displayed in their body of work. When you look through their portfolio, you will find that clients’s photography work is distinctive. It is a difficult task to achieve but with experienced individuals who are passionate about their work, this magic can happen.

The Wedding photographers in Mumbai first have a consultation session with the couple in order to understand their story and their love for each other. Armed with the information, they capture moments so that it can be turned in to a beautiful story told simply by photographs. The videos created by Wedding cinematographers in Mumbai are magical and distinctive.

Photography work: A consultation before the event will be done. Unlimited number of photographs will be clicked and about 200-300 of them will be processed to give you a bouquet of high-resolution images.

Cinematography work: The cinematography work is shot over eight hours, and then the footage obtained is processed to make short and long videos, depending on the client’s needs.

Pre wedding photography- This is the perfect moment to be creative and adventurous. You can change locations and costumes and tell your story perfectly. It gives a little glimpse into the relationship of the couple before the viewers move onto the ceremonies of marriage.

Candid photography– PhotoPhactory is proud of capturing spontaneous moments in an aesthetic way. Unplanned shots are the ones that invigorate the viewer and leave a lasting impression.

Wedding portrait photography – These photographs are very important because they are the ones that are generally put up or displayed in homes as a reminder to the important day. Practice your poses to get the perfect shot!

Family portrait photography– Capture the laughter of your kids and wisdom of their grandparents. The pictures become timeless moments and invaluable. They are usually passed onto generations.

Photo Booth Photography– People are more comfortable when they can press the trigger to click a picture. They can take their time to pose for a great shot.

Fashion Photography-This kind of photography can be done within the confines of a studio or even outdoors. The photographer is involved in every step of the planning.

Corporate photography– Get this kind of photography done to start a branding campaign to gain an edge over your competitors. It will also boost the employees’ morale.

Industrial photography– Industrial photography varies a lot from wedding photography. It is important to hire an experienced person who is adept at shooting aerial views with a minimalistic approach to maintain clean lines and clear overview of the subject.

Interior Photography– A commercially viable image should have high recall value with its users. For this reason, PhotoPhactory sits down with the client to understand their products and services and according tailors the postproduction work according to the client’s expectations.

Author Bio: Check out the portfolio of Wedding photographers in Mumbai at PhotoPhactory. The images will capture your heart with their freshness. Hire the Wedding cinematographers in Mumbai for an impressive record of a special day.