With the rise in beautiful apartment buildings and gated communities in our society, it is a pleasure to engage with new friends and build a safe environment for our friends and family. How long are you going to embrace happiness only in your mouth, it is time to get it into action rather just discussing about it. We have brought in cool ideas for you, organize events to collaborate neighbors and to create a social environment.


Play gyms are primarily for children who love to go out there and have fun without any second thought. We can witness these kinds of games in the Pizza shop, Restaurants where children get immediately attracted and attached. Similarly, you can get into touch with the fellow neighbors in the community, and create an Play Gyms for your children. With kids being in your eyesight you can sit back and relax on every weekend.


It is no longer required to travel far to enjoy any adventure activities. There are facilities available now to create your own adventure play area within your gated community. Rather than having a dedicated indoor theatre you can build a simple Rock Climbing Area which can used by children, men’s and ladies as well. Things provides you the freedom from worrying about the outside weather being hot or rainy, you can keep yourself entertained indoors itself.


Diwali is once in a year grand celebration and the dates are around the corner. You can enjoy this traditional celebration with your community by building a safe area with Water Buckets, Emergency First Aid Kit, protected wooden wall to fire the crackers in the guided path, Sand Buckets, Throw Away Bedsheets and all. With the modern-day Internet technology, you can save time and effort by booking fireworks online shopping.


I believe that the name itself excites everyone without any second thought. SOAP FOOTBALL is truly trending in every other neighborhood as it differs from the real football game. In Soap Football, you no longer required to run heavily, or to have massive stamina. The play area in here is a safe environment where you will find air filled dais and it will be skiddy to add more fun to the game. You can certainly organize a play for your children to enjoy.


Creativity club is a great way to relieve yourself from the routine lifestyle. You can organize creativity games like Chess, Touch-and-feel, “Create Yourself” kind of activities. Touch-and-feel is more of a sense based game which you have find out by touching the things having your eyes closed. “Create Yourself”, this is to encourage the kids by providing the resources for themselves to assign roles and responsibility to create something, for example: Demo representation of your gated community.

Above ideas are useful to break the normal life routine and to create brainstorming sessions which improve ourselves and ensure everyone embrace the social bonding culture in nature.