Three Ways to Pamper Your Dog this Winter

During the winter, many dogs spend more time indoors. Frigid temperatures and waning daylight hours often mean fewer walks and visits to the park. This may leave your dog feeling depressed or more prone to destructive behaviors. Here are some easy suggestions to keep your pet active, content and well behaved this winter season.

Boots and a Sweater Provide Added Warmth

Don’t let the snow and ice deprive your dog of regular exercise. A pair of dog boots helps to keep paws warm and prevents ice from getting stuck between the pads. For smaller pets or those with a short coat, a sweater helps to prevent excess chills. Look for apparel that is waterproof to ensure your dog stays both warm and dry.

Gourmet Treats to Spoil Your Pet

When it’s movie night, don’t forget to grab a few treats for your furry friend. Gourmet dog gift baskets are a smart way to spoil your pet with treats that are safe and healthy. While it may be tempting to share your favorite snacks with your dog, many pets have food sensitivities to products that contain wheat, corn or soy. One additional perk of dog gift packages is they often include toys that are ideal for keeping pets entertained indoors.

Hydrotherapy Exercise for Optimal Health

Besides adding a little variety to your dog’s exercise routine, swimming in a hydrotherapy pool has several added benefits. It’s a great way to help pets that are recovering from a recent surgery by providing a gentler form of cardiovascular fitness. Older dogs that suffer from arthritis pain can still get a healthy workout that helps reduce joint swelling and stiffness. Regardless of your pet’s age, a swim at the local dog pool provides plenty of opportunities for canines to socialize.

Just like people, pets can get the winter blues. By pampering your dog with protective winter gear and extra treats, you can keep him healthy and happy until warmer weather arrives.