What are the new fashion trends?

This year, fashion trends are inspired by the 70s and 80s, both in terms of colours and

models. Returns high waisted pants, platform shoes, floral and tropical fantasies and so

much pink! But it is also the season that will give us the chance to find something soberer,

because even white and black will be trendy colors. If you are not a fan of bright colors the

do not miss the hopes, because tops, blouses, pants, everything will be proposed even in

soft colors. Serien°umerica offers high fashion clothing, all hand-made and Italian product

by skilled craftsmen. The models are original and really unique and are designed to meet th

needs of a sophisticated and juvenile woman at the same time. In the new collection, you

can choose from a variety of high quality clothes that will enhance your elegance and

femininity. The point of strength of the brand, in addition to the prestige of the Made in Italy,

is in the craftsmanship and in the choice of raw materials, such as silk or wool. Minimalist

lines, attention to detail, quality: all this is Serien°umerica

Let’s see some models together.

The dress with pois fabrics can be worn as dress or as over t-shirt and it is suitable both for

the day and for the night. Also the print dress can be worn as dress or as over t-shirt, it is

100% silk and its print is signed by the American artist Allison Watkins, from the work

“Reilluminate”. This dress is very elegant and it is suitable for an Important dinner or for an

informal ceremony. The last dress she would like to show you is the Apron dress, a true

masterpiece of originality and transgression, thanks to its asymmetry and three central

lacings on the back, that reveals the skin of the back.

These are just some of Serien°umerica’s dresses for women: on the website, you will find

many other proposals, elegant and original. Are you ready for shopping? Let’s go!