Top 5 activewear websites reviewed

Do you love sports and gym gear? Does the idea of wearing new fitness apparel excite you? If yes, then you have to check out our top websites for womens fitness wear Australia. We have taken a thorough look at some of the most trending websites in the market today, given them a quick review so that you as a user never end up making the wrong choices in life. Scroll down to check out our best!


Whether its sports-wear, gym wear, dresses you want to wear for the date night with your boyfriend or even a sexy swimsuit for a pool party, Boo Hoo is what you should be wearing. Fun, flawless and absolutely amazing, BooHoo offers you a whole variety of outfits, fitness apparel, and clothing you have to take a look at. They also have sales going on throughout the year that gives you a 40 percent discount. Grab a great outfit for yourself today.

Under Armour

Another trending website that is creating ripples across Australia right now is Under Armour. These guys are doing extremely well in terms of the business because of the amazing fitness apparel and clothing they have to offer. From spandex shorts to sports bras and tank tops, Under Armour will give you whatever you are looking for. Do check out the amazing shoe section where you can find jogging shoes, sneakers and what not at an affordable price.

On Sport

On Sport is one of those websites that totally understand what you require. They will supply you with the best of everything at a price that is affordable. The quality of products here is absolutely perfect and makes your gym sessions the best workouts ever. They have activewear for both men and women and have some of the best brands available as well. You can take a look at their site today to place an order.

East Bay

When it comes to buying the perfect gym gear, you have to trust East Bay! They have fitness apparel and clothing not just for men and women but also children. From shoes to shorts to gloves and even fitness related bags, they have a whole range of products to offer! What we love best about this brand is that they have products available on the basis of the sport you are playing. Not only that, they offer you an endless variety of colours to pick from.

Sweaty Betty

To get the classiest of workout apparel, choose Sweaty Betty. They have leggings, tank tops, joggers and shoes for women of all sizes. Sweaty Betty is perfect for those women who are just starting their fitness journey!

With that, we bring the post to a close. We hope you have enjoyed reading our post. Do let us know if you found this article helpful. Also, if you already know some fitness brands that have not been enlisted in this post, do let us know in the comment box below. We would love to know your reviews and your story.