May 26, 2018

Tips For Decoratng Your First Home

Moving into your first home can be liberating. You finally have a place you can call your own where you don’t have to worry about sloppy roommates or noisy upstairs neighbors. However, once you start looking around at all the empty space it can be quite overwhelming to decide on where to start decorating your new home. We’re going to share some tips with you on how to start decorating below.

Always Start With Your Bedroom 

When you think about it, a good portion of your at-home time will be spent in the bedroom. This is where you should start decorating first. If you are a morning person, go with lighter colors that make the sunshine radiate throughout the entire room. If sleeping in is a necessity for you, then you should go with darker colors and shades that don’t reflect the outside light.

For those that have a budget to splurge, getting a new bed and comfortable sheets is a great investment. You want your bed to be inviting and make you feel refreshed every morning. Try not to skimp out on any bedroom essentials as they will make your quality of living in your new home much better.

Try Not To Splurge For Everything All At Once 

While moving into your new home comes with some added expenses, you should hesitate from redoing every single room right away. We suggest waiting a couple months before making any major purchases as you can get a better feel for what works best for you.

For example, you don’t want to purchase that beautiful luxury furniture and come to find out that your living room is suddenly the dining room for all your closest friends. You’ll be stressing out about staining and ruining your expensive furniture. Take some time and see what rooms are getting the most use and what will work best for your new lifestyle.

Don’t Buy Everything In Sets 

While it looks so nice at the store to see the kitchen towels, place mats, and other essentials in matching patterns, it’s not a design choice you should make at home. Your home is supposed to be a reflection of your personality, not a hotel room. Opt for only purchasing a couple items in the set. Use plain colors or matching designs to offset the items you’ve purchased.

Tie Your Rooms Together With Color 

You don’t need to purchase all new items to make a room look flush. By simply matching the same colors with different items you can tie a room together on a budget. Some of these other items can be rugs, curtains, and pillows.

For example, if you have two couches with different designs you want to identify any matching colors. By purchasing throw pillows in that color. Suddenly those two oddball couches are now looking pretty good next to one another.

Hopefully, you have discovered a few helpful tips that are sparking your creativity to decorate your new home. Remember that decorating your new home should be an exciting time.