May 26, 2018

Some Interesting Facts about Vera Wang

In this article, we will tell you some interesting facts about Vera Wang, an American (of Chinese origin) iconic designer of wedding dresses. The biography of the designer is fraught with unexpected facts. Vera Before Wang’s name became synonymous to the perfect wedding dress she had managed to work as an editor in fashion magazines, and even actively went in for sports. Today, Vera is 67 years old. And she is unlikely to quit her designing career.

It all started with figure skating. Since the age of six, when she first came to a skating rink, the future designer had dreamed of getting into the US Olympic team. This has not happened, and yet, Vera still goes skating, as she is convinced that it is simply impossible to throw out the love to this sport from the heart. One of the secrets of her lean, sleek figure is just hidden in her love to one of the most feminine & beautiful sports.

When Vera Wang was in the position of junior fashion editor in the American VOGUE, her career reached a point where she could be appointed chief editor, but the choice fell on Anna Wintour. Wang left the magazine, but the friendship with one of the most influential women in the fashion world has continued. For such a turn, perhaps, you can only thank fate otherwise the world would never have seen such brilliant wedding dresses.

The name of Vera Wang is on the honorary list of the Sports Hall of Fame – for her outstanding contribution to figure skating as a designer. In addition to wedding dresses, Vera designs suits for competitions of professional figure skaters.

In the Bride Wars comedy, friends become the most real enemies in the process of preparing for the wedding. The character of Kate Hudson in this film just chooses the dress by Vera Wang. Charlotte’s dress in the series Sex and the City is also made by Wang. But the biggest surprise is the fact that the inimitable vampire slayer Buffy at her odious wedding with a vampire is also dressed in a Vera Wang dress.

In the early 1970s, Vera Wang worked for the Ralph Lauren Fashion House as a design director. It would seem that there cannot be any correlation between the refined outfits of Vera Wang and the cowboy theme of Ralph Lauren. But, apparently, a talented person is really talented in everything. As a result, Vera has become a famous designer of wedding dresses.