May 26, 2018

Slim fit jeans for men vs. skinny jeans

Jeans is an essential part of the clothing of every man’s wardrobe. Almost all the guy have many pairs of jeans hung in the closet. The men who are fond of wearing jeans are conscious about the style, size, and fitting. Some love to wear the distressed jeans while other loves to wear the skinny jeans. Some of the guys don’t prefer and can buy the jeans from the local dealer while other loves to wear the men’s designer jeans. Everyone has his own choice and wear the style and color they like to wear. New generation’s taste of wearing the jeans is different, they like skinny or slim fit jeans for men. There is the slight difference between two types, that is discussed below

Slim fit jeans

The slim fit jeans are preferred boys who like hipster style but the cut is not present weight wise. The cut of the slim fit jeans for men is much similar to the skinny jeans but does not provide the extreme fitting. The person wearing it looks fashionable as well as he feels comfortable wearing this type of the jeans. This type of jeans for men come in various styles for example pleated slim fit design is the stylish men jeans it contains the vertical pleating and fine rip details.

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are the type with the extraordinary fitting, the guys fond of extra fitting wearing it mostly men do not prefer it because of the ultra tight fitting cut.. this type is suitable for the men with the twiggy body style. Boys wear the sneakers or the vintage shoe to give the perfect look to the dressing.

Both the skinny and the slim fit jeans are available in the market easily. Now the online store also helps the person to buy the men’s jeans where different types of the jeans are available like staff jeans, kings jeans, catch jeans and all type of designer jeans for men are available. Differio is an online shopping website where the person can find all streetwear brands and different styles of stylish jeans at affordable prices.

Different people love to wear a different type of jeans, some buy according to the style of the jeans like the slim fit, regular fit, relaxed fit or the skinny jeans while other prefer the washing type required to clean the jeans. These include classic wash, vintage wash, dark rinse and raw form.

Sizes available for the jeans

Both the skinny and the slim fit jeans come in different sizes their rise type. These includes

  • Low-rise jeans sit few inches below the belly button, the person has to wear the shirt of the appropriate size to make the perfect combination.
  • A medium rise jean is for those who are not comfortable with the hip-hugging scoop.
  • High rise jeans are preferable for those who have large tummies.

Like the jeans rise the different sizes are also available that depends on the waist and the length of the person. One can choose any style with the perfect size to look awesome by selecting cool jeans for guys.