Prom dresses allow you to make a strong statement

Are you tired of wearing the school uniforms for the entire year? Naturally, you will be. Anyone would be under the circumstances. You need school uniforms; there is no doubt about that. However, you need to express yourself as well. The prom nights are one occasion where you can do so with full freedom. That is the night when the prom dresses come out of the closet.

What exactly are prom dresses? When is the occasion you wear them? Such questions can come to mind. A prom dress is a long formal dress that usually comes in various bright colors like red, ivory white, or even green and blue. In fact, you can have these dresses in almost all colors you can think of.

Why do they call it a prom? Prom is the short form for the word ‘promenade’. Promenade is a French word for a long passage where one can walk leisurely. The usage changed over the years and today it refers to a formal, introductory parading of guests at a party. Nevertheless, the basic meaning of walking the entire length of the passage still holds good.

The 19th century American Universities used to have these prom nights for each graduating class. This was a sort of a farewell party as well to the students leaving the University at the end of the academic year. You can be at your best appearance on this night. The prom dress goes a long way in fulfilling this objective.

If the prom dress has an air of educational seriousness behind it, the cocktail dresses should be the exact opposite. They have an air of abandon about them. You look at your resplendent best in your cocktail dress as well. These dresses are worn for cocktail parties. However, they have nothing in common with the cocktail drinks that you have in these parties.

The cocktail means a mixture of all kinds of drinks. You do not have a clear taste as there would be a contribution from every kind of drink. If you apply the same logic, the cocktail dresses should be a mixture of all designs. Far from that, the cocktail dresses are impeccable fashion statement of their own.

They fall in the evening gown category for a variety of reasons. The foremost reason is that cocktail parties are usually held in the evenings. Hence, the dresses you wear for the party should suit the timing of the party as well.

Secondly, cocktail dresses were long dresses stretching up to the ankles. Usually black in color, they are always attractive. Black is a beautiful color that can suit every person in the world. You can wear it as a matching color to bring out the contrast. At the same time you can wear it as a contrasting color to enhance the lighter colors. It can merge with all colors and enhance their capabilities to attract.

In many ways, the cocktail dress is also a dress that can be as intriguing as they are attractive.