July 17, 2018


In the UK Miraclesuits are one of the most loved and respected items of shapewear, control lingerie and swimwear there is. For maximum effect with some of the comfiest fits and none of the hassle you might find from the really heavy duty items of shapewear.

So what is it that made Miraclesuit one of the best, if not the best, brand of shapewear in the world? Well their history is one of the biggest factors. They began with one vision, to make shapewear and nothing more. Most designers start with something more conventional like every day swimwear and move onto shapewear later, but from day one, Miraclesuit and their parent company Patricia Eve concentrated on just one approach to designing their range, and that is to make them slimming and shaping.

Speaking of their owner, this is another great part about shopping with Miraclesuit. When a brand is independent and able to design their own items, you get a lot of creativity, and when you buy from a mega brand, you get variety but not depth. Miraclesuit are largely independent, but work under the umbrella company Patricia Eve. This means they get to be almost as free as any independent and freelance designer, but they benefit from having fellow designers and sister companies within arm’s reach. By being able to have so much regular contact from more fashion orientated brands and from other more practical designers, they are able to become the most varied and multi-talented they can be.

So what exactly is all this talk of compression and support in your lingerie and swimwear? What is it that a good Miraclesuit will do for you? Well, the first thing compression does is slim your figure immediately and amazingly well. In the UK Miraclesuit have the slogan “Lose 10 Pounds In 10 Seconds” on all their promotional materials. In fact, we suspect they have that strapline on all their materials throughout Europe, just in different languages, of course! They will push and pull to enhance the hourglass shape of your figure and slim the areas you most want to. Miraclesuit is not just a brand that makes items that are too small or too constraining, instead concentrating on specific regions of your figure with each new area of the garment. But it’s not all about enhancing your figure. Compression is also very good for you, helping increase circulation and blood flow to each area of your body and promoting overall better health and wellbeing.

So if you are interested in an item of swimwear or underwear that sculpts your figure, look no further than this beautiful range of Miraclesuit items. The UK Miraclesuit market has increased rapidly for one very good reason, and that’s because they are so fantastic at one thing and they have provided something that the UK just doesn’t have enough of right now, quality support wear. If you are thinking of getting our own, there is no better designer you can choose from.