Hand-Carved Italian Wooden Mirror Frames

So, you are looking for the perfect wall mounted mirror for home interior decoration? Mirror is like a classic decoration for home interior and it can create good visual effect. With wall mirror, the room will look much brighter and even more spacious. Of course, the kind of mirror suitable for the room depends of what kind of interior decoration style chosen for the room.

It is a good thing that you choose classic elegant style by accentuating natural materials on the decoration. With classic wooden furniture dominated the room decoration, it would be the right choice to choose wall mirror with wooden frame. This is when you can trust the Italians because they are really good in woodworking. This country has artisan woodworking workshops with artisan craftsmen producing handcrafted wooden products. Cornicici Grezze is one of the best of them. This is a company specializing in handcrafted wooden frames for photo or pictures frames as well as wooden mirror frames. It has wide collections of hand-carved wooden mirror frames made by artisan craftsmen using only the finest quality timber. The frames have perfection on every little detail to make it look classic, elegant, yet luxurious.

Don’t hesitate to visit Cornicici Grezze’s website where you can find list of its product collections. There are different styles of wooden framed mirrors available there offered at very reasonable price. If you are more a DIY person, this company also offers unfinished products. The unfinished frames allow you to build your own mirror frames according to your preferred shape and size. Don’t worry; it won’t be difficult to assemble and to paint the frames into a finish mirror frame. Moreover, there will be nothing to beat the satisfaction of building your own beautiful wooden framed mirror.

Both options, finished and unfinished frames, can be ordered online from the website with very reasonable price. You can compare it with high end wooden frames from local stores and will come to the same conclusion that you will get the best quality wooden frame mirror with the best value for your money from Cornicici Grezze.