Everything You Need To Know About Raksha Bandhan

Each year we celebrate a festival called Raksha Bandhan- a day dedicated to reinforce the pious bond shared by a sister and a brother. For us, Raksha Bandhan would mean to buy new clothes, gifts and sweets; but we fail to understand the true meaning behind this auspicious day. So, here is all you need to about Raksha Bandhan:

  • History behind Raksha Bandhan

There are quite a few chronicles on how the tradition of Raksha Bandhan originally began, but one of the most popular tales is the one of Lord Indra and his wife Indrani. As per the Hindu mythology, once the group of Gods was on the edge of defeat in their war against the demons. Concerned, Lord Indra went to his Guru, Brihaspati for guidance. At this, Guru Brihaspati asked him to get a Rakhi tied on his wrist by his wife Indrani. As said, Indrani tied the sacred charm on Lord Indra’s wrist as a mark of protection which will act as a shield against all the harm which initiated the tradition of Raksha Bandhan.

  • Rituals of Raksha Bandhan

As the ritual goes, the sister prepares a thali that consists of Rakhi, vermilion (Tilak), sweets or dry fruits and mud lamp (Diya). Once the thali is prepared, the sister performs aarti and applies Tilak on her brother’s forehead. Then, the sister ties the sacred thread- Rakhi on his wrist while the promises to protect her sister for a lifetime. Finally, the siblings sweeten each other’s mouth with sweets and dry fruits and exchange gifts.

  • Presents for your Sibling

We all know that Raksha Bandhan is incomplete without a bunch of gifts and sweets. So to make sure that this special day is filled with sweetness, you ought to get some presents for your sibling to show your love towards them. There are a number of gifts that will make this day a remarkable one. You can opt for chocolates, sweets, cakes, etc. that will be the perfect pick to sweeten the mouth of your brother or sister. Also, you can get a bunch of flowers and a greeting car to express your deepest feelings for your dear sibling. You can also gift them a coffee mug, photo frame, cushion, a piece of jewelry, wallet, belt, watch, etc. that your sibling will surely cherish for a long time. If you wish to add a personal touch to your presents, you can customize them and make them extra special.

If your brother or sister lives far off and you need to make this day special for them, you can easily make that happen by getting them a lovely present online with which you will be able to avail the option of same day delivery of your Rakhi and gifts. This will surely be a great surprise for them and will make this day even more special.

We hope that the above information helped you comprehend the actual meaning of Raksha Bandhan.