July 17, 2018

Dress up with color psychology

Pantone universe- In addition to having a physical property, color is a psychological symbol, which gives rise to the emotional meanings found in the various ritual, decorative, and religious manifestations. The chromatic experience involved different levels of psychological investigations, schematically subdivided into three main historical periods.

The most recent phase is characterized by the search for color as a symbol: in this perspective, it is no longer seen only as a significant factor in mental activity or as a trait of personality traits, but becomes a dynamic element that marks the evolution of psyche, both individual and collective.

Man has always been, through a symbolic dimension, able to represent unconscious aspects of his perception or to express concepts that it is impossible to fully comprehend. The symbol, then, is often the happiest and most complete expression that an experience can have. A symbol, therefore, always expresses much more than can be spoken verbally, as teaches us an ancient Chinese aphorism that “the image is worth more than a thousand words”. In order to fully express the depths of concepts relating to sacred or profane, joy or pain, body or spirit, let us draw on everything around us, including colors.

Color, as we see it, is mainly psychological, from which emerges the emotional meanings that find expression in rites, myths, various popular or religious traditions. And if our dreams, our fantasies or our personal tastes look like a color, it is useful to ask what meaning it can have for our lives.

Pantone has deeply understood the importance of color for humans and created the Pantone Universe, made of shades and nuances unique and inimitable. Pantone has used colors to create a line of original footwear that is not limited to being beautiful and comfortable, but exploring the new frontiers of color.

The choice of clothing is in fact linked to our emotions and our way of being: for this reason, Pantone has focused on creating shoes that are suitable for everyone, for every taste and for every need.

In conclusion, getting dressed is an important stage of the day and thanks to the clothes and shoes we wear, we can feel comfortable and confident of ourselves.