8 tips on how to find a perfect wedding dress

Searching for a wedding dress is undoubtedly one of the most important tasks in the whole wedding preparation. The bridal showroom Dubai have gathered 8 tips on wedding shopping for you, which will transform it into an exciting adventure!


1. Start searching in advance

To get only positive emotions from wedding shopping, you should not do it in a hurry. It will be ideal, if you start dress searching 6 months prior the date of the celebration. In this case, you will have time to think over the purchasing details, and if necessary, fit the dress on a figure.

If you want a tailor-made dress, contact a designer (tailor) 7-9 months prior the holiday. It will allow you to reduce costs and avoid unnecessary stress, because you will know up front that your dress is ready waiting in the wings.

2. Determine your budget

Before you go to the bridal boutique, you should set a realistic budget. It is so disappointing to fall in love with a wedding dresses that’s you cannot afford! You’d better start searching for a dress within your price category right from the beginning. Do not forget about the additional costs for such accessories as a veil and jewelry, as well as shoes and underwear, which make up a significant expense item.

3. Prepare for visiting a bridal boutique

To make wedding shopping productive, you need to prepare for it. Wear underwear that will be on you on your wedding day, or select one that doesn’t distort the overall look of the dress (for instance, strapless bras). Take shoes with heels like in wedding shoes. If possible, keep photos that inspire you so that the stylist could immediately understand what you are looking for. Do not forget to apply the light makeup. It will help you to create the complete wedding image.

4. Go shopping with your support team

Go shopping with nearest and dearest people – mother, sister, or a couple of best friends whose opinion you value. They can give you advice, share moments of joy and just support you. However, a lot of tips and different opinions, on the contrary, make the choice complicated. It will be difficult to focus on your feelings and emotions. Therefore, your support group should consist of no more than 3 people.


  1. Be creative

It is perfect if you know in advance what kind of style and dress model will suit you. However, try to be open-minded and do not deprive yourself of fun to try different variations! It is not uncommon when unusual for you dress models add a flavor of freshness and lightness to your look. If not, they will help you to reinforce your opinion on the selected style and not to back away from it.

6. Trust consultants

Do not underestimate the experience of consultants. Every day they see many brides with different forms, therefore, they can often unerringly predict what style of dress is right for you. Listen to their advice and do not refuse fittings. Perhaps the dress that did not attract you earlier may surprise you.

7. Choose the right time

As a rule, bridal salons are busy at the weekend. This situation affects adversely the customer service quality. Therefore, if possible, go to a bridal salon on a weekday. The fewer buyers are there, the more time and care the consultant can devote to you.

8. Listen to yourself

The cornerstone of buying a dress of your dream is the ability to listen to yourself and trust your feelings. No matter what your friends or consultants say, you should take the final decision. Do you see yourself in this dress at the ceremony? When you find “your” dress, you will answer this question without any doubt!

This article was assisted and completed by DubaiGiftOnline.