Ashley Graham Models Her Latest Lingerie Line…At the Airport

Ashley Graham is a household name by now, but not just for her modeling. She’s also an entrepreneur and fashion designer with her own line of clothing for plus-size women. That includes a highly successful line of lingerie. Ms. Graham is now promoting her latest offerings in that department, by modeling the outfits herself and she’s doing it at the airport.

Ashley Graham Partners with Addition Elle Yet Again

Since she began developing her lingerie sets, Ashley Graham has been working with Addition Elle, a renowned Canadian retailer. Together, Graham and the retailer have released 15 different lingerie lines over the span of a few years. Now, they offer their next line, designed to empower women sizes 12 through 24 with body positive images.

Ashley’s first stop in modeling the new line was at the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas, Nevada. Graham was definitely an attention grabber in her black Diva Lace Demi Cup Bra, which was worn beneath a black sheer lace top. She completed the outfit with a bodycon skirt made out of green velvet and accented with silver grommets. She also wore simple open-toe sandals.

Ashley Graham Hops a Plane And Models More Lingerie

Once the supermodel completed her promotional engagements in Las Vegas, she was off to another location. That meant rushing to the airport While most people are hurried to get their luggage checked and pass security screenings, Ashley Graham saw this as another opportunity to garner attention for her new lingerie line.

Trading one kind of runway for another, Graham indulged her sense of style even amid the hustle and bustle of a crowded terminal. For her flight, Ashley changed out of the skirt and slipped into leggings, keeping the sheer top and Demi Cup Bra. She also changed out her sandals for Adidas sneakers and clutched a Graf Lantz backpack for her carry-on.

This isn’t the first time Ms. Graham has embraced the sheer look in favor of baring her voluptuous body. She’s often seen modeling sheer outfits from her own clothing line in an attempt to promote positive body image concepts for plus-size women. Ashley enjoys tastefully baring her body, especially when it’s to promote healthy public sentiments towards women who don’t fit the Hollywood starlet body type.

The new line of lingerie Graham and Addition Elle have been promoting was first debuted at this year’s New York Fashion Week. The lingerie line was modeled in Addition Elle’s 2017 runway show and has since been promoted by Graham herself in several live appearances. Ashley has often said that she’s happy to be designing fashions that appeal to plus-size women and hopes to reinforce the idea that women of larger body styles can also be confident and sexy.

If Ms. Graham’s latest outfit is any indication, her new line of lingerie is going to be a big hit with her target customer base. While lingerie was once just available to thin and physically toned women, Ashley Graham is proving that curvy women can be just appealing with the right sense of fashion and style.