Ashley Graham Models Her Latest Lingerie Line…At the Airport

Ashley Graham is a household name by now, but not just for her modeling. She’s also an entrepreneur and fashion designer with her own line of clothing for plus-size women. That includes a highly successful line of lingerie. Ms. Graham is now promoting her latest offerings in that department, by modeling the outfits herself and she’s doing it at the airport.

Ashley Graham Partners with Addition Elle Yet Again

Since she began developing her lingerie sets, Ashley Graham has been working with Addition Elle, a renowned Canadian retailer. Together, Graham and the retailer have released 15 different lingerie lines over the span of a few years. Now, they offer their next line, designed to empower women sizes 12 through 24 with body positive images.

Ashley’s first stop in modeling the new line was at the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas, Nevada. Graham was definitely an attention grabber in her black Diva Lace Demi Cup Bra, which was worn beneath a black sheer lace top. She completed the outfit with a bodycon skirt made out of green velvet and accented with silver grommets. She also wore simple open-toe sandals.

Ashley Graham Hops a Plane And Models More Lingerie

Once the supermodel completed her promotional engagements in Las Vegas, she was off to another location. That meant rushing to the airport While most people are hurried to get their luggage checked and pass security screenings, Ashley Graham saw this as another opportunity to garner attention for her new lingerie line.

Trading one kind of runway for another, Graham indulged her sense of style even amid the hustle and bustle of a crowded terminal. For her flight, Ashley changed out of the skirt and slipped into leggings, keeping the sheer top and Demi Cup Bra. She also changed out her sandals for Adidas sneakers and clutched a Graf Lantz backpack for her carry-on.

This isn’t the first time Ms. Graham has embraced the sheer look in favor of baring her voluptuous body. She’s often seen modeling sheer outfits from her own clothing line in an attempt to promote positive body image concepts for plus-size women. Ashley enjoys tastefully baring her body, especially when it’s to promote healthy public sentiments towards women who don’t fit the Hollywood starlet body type.

The new line of lingerie Graham and Addition Elle have been promoting was first debuted at this year’s New York Fashion Week. The lingerie line was modeled in Addition Elle’s 2017 runway show and has since been promoted by Graham herself in several live appearances. Ashley has often said that she’s happy to be designing fashions that appeal to plus-size women and hopes to reinforce the idea that women of larger body styles can also be confident and sexy.

If Ms. Graham’s latest outfit is any indication, her new line of lingerie is going to be a big hit with her target customer base. While lingerie was once just available to thin and physically toned women, Ashley Graham is proving that curvy women can be just appealing with the right sense of fashion and style.


Lacoste — The Worldwide Symbol For those Things Classy popular


Through footwear, clothes lines, perfumes as well as accessories for example eyewear as well as watches, Lacoste offers its angles covered. Started in 1933 through Rene Lacoste, this France apparel organization offers nothing lacking divine miracle. Easily identified by the traditional alligator trademarks, Lacoste represents superb flavor, fine residing and everything the great life provides.

This season’s collections incorporate a new type of women’s footwear, including the actual incredibly well-liked Niko two slide. Along with glossy obvious leather, a minimal heel, classic colors for example Navy, Dark and Dark red Red, it’s comfort is actually unmatched through any rival. Another preferred, the Noka, is adored because of its simplicity within design. A conventional sling back again thong sandal, there’s without any heel also it doesn’t operate short upon femininity. It’s absolutely no wonder it is being known as the “Comfort Shoe from the Summer”.

The men’s type of clothing consists of the recently designed brief sleeved ribbed training collar shirt within colors for example Chlorophyll, Gooseberry as well as Chartreuse. It’s about creativity along with Lacoste. This iconic 100 % cotton classic is essential for each and every wardrobe. Because customary along with Lacoste, the shirt is created with distinctive knit cotton and it has a two-button training collar. Naturally, the 100 % cotton oxfords remain an incredibly popular choice which year, gingham had been the front-runner in several shoppers’ favorite’s listings. The uber-soft 100 % cotton v-neck t-shirt is equally as the title implies: extremely soft, comfortable as well as available like a v-neck pullover. It’s well suited for any period.

The men’s casual match jean isn’t an excessive amount of the brand new destroyed appear, yet it is a true calm fit in order to declare it an ideal jean for just about any occasion. Comfy and inexpensive, five wallets and trunk cut, they are the best example of men’s jeans put on.

We’d end up being remiss in the event that we did not mention the numerous sneakers which are the main Lacoste loved ones. A specific favorite may be the Lacoste Mississippi Lace-Up Athletic shoes. They’re ideal with pants and tops but with sufficient flair to appear great for any casual night around town. Still, for individuals who like the appearance of canvas on the shoes, the Imatra may be what you want. They possess the classic Izod feel and look and tend to be great shoes to possess at the actual ready.

For that right mixture of dressy as well as casual, think about the preppy look from the Shakespeare. These leather-based boat footwear have was the test of your time and the actual Lacoste logo design only increases the look of the all-around ideal shoe.

Lacoste remains a worldwide symbol for those things classy within the fashion business. Each period only provides it upward another level. If there’s have you been a manufacturer one can’t fail with, without doubt, it’s Lacoste.

Dog Outfits – Dressing Your Pet For that Holidays

Remember final Christmas whenever you and your pet were invited through the people nearby for the Christmas celebration? You most likely were just about all excited as well as planned things to wear days ahead of time. Did a person even consider what your pet or your own cat has on?

Dressing up your pet in costumes is definitely an enjoyable connecting activity in between you as well as your pet. It’s now really convenient to locate dog outfits online. So even if you don’t live close to a dog store which sells these types of cute outfits, you as well as your pet don’t have to be omitted. What’s much more, many online retailers have the veritable as well as extensive assortment of costumes readily available for any event. From elves as well as Santa clothes for Xmas, to skeletons, pumpkins, and witches’ wake up for Halloween night. How regarding dressing your pet up within red minds for Valentine’s? That’s not every, with the present crop associated with creative outfits, you are certain to have difficulty deciding on only one costume since you could have your select from various kinds of costumes: comedian book characters, classic archetypes, film characters, a person name this. There will also be costumes which allow your pet to “cross-dress”: What about costumes which make your dog seem like a kitty or a good elephant?

In addition, if you can’t find a great ready-to-wear outfit, there will also be stores which customize dog costumes whenever you order. You could have your dog get to be the headless Dutchman upon Halloween, scaring the children who arrive trick or even treating at the door.

Greater than a bonding exercise, having your pet dress up for that holidays also increases the prevailing joyful spirit. Not only would you show up good theme from the occasion, you’re also as well as your beloved pet within the festivities.

Therefore, how to accomplish this special liven up day for the dogs? Well to begin with, prepare even before you decide to order! This means that you ought to take measurements of the pet’s body to make certain that you obtain the right size for the pet! Calculate these 3 areas: round the neck, over the back and round the body. Whenever you place a good order, ensure that you include these types of measurements so the seller might know without a doubt just exactly what size your pet is.

Once the costumes appear, have your pet wear all of them immediately. This could give them a particular sense of knowledge of the outfit, especially when they are not accustomed to wearing clothing. You may notice that they’ll freeze in position but over time, they will begin moving close to normally.

Make certain, however, that they don’t get the actual costumes filthy.

Dog outfits add zeal and zing towards the occasion and supply a great chance to show off the one you love pets. Have some fun choosing!